How much is Elementor Pro in 2024? Pricing and licenses

Elementor Pro for WordPress is the page builder plugin with which this website you are viewing is designed and below I will tell you everything about its plans and pricing.

Elementor has abandoned its previous gradient style logo and has also made changes to the prices of its licenses. But how much does Elementor Pro cost now?

Currently, Elementor Pro has several plans that you can buy and that depend mainly on the number of websites in which you want to install the plugin (it can be up to 1000).

Although there has been an increase in price compared to previous years, it is still the best page builder on the market, that is, the best tool to build your WordPress website easily and without using code.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 8, 2022: There is news in Elementor Pro plans and pricing. The Agency plan is now $399 instead of $999. The Studio plan is being discontinued and existing subscribers will be upgraded to the Agency plan. The Essential plan is $59 for new purchases starting December 1, 2022.

How much is Elementor Pro? Plans and prices table

The price of Elementor Pro license can range from $59 to $399 per year.

Currently, these are the different plans and prices of the Elementor Pro plugin that you can buy:

PlanNumber of websites activationsPrice
Studio (discontinued)100299$/first year, then 499$/year

The Essential plan that costs 59 dollars a year and is the perfect option for small business owners.

The Advanced plan, which is worth 99 USD a year, is designed for freelancers who work with more than one website (3 max), although it can be a little short if you want to have several projects.

The Expert plan, priced at $199 per year, is the most popular, as it’s ideal for web designers who are just starting out but don’t yet have a huge client flow. Elementor Pro allows you to export templates for use on other websites that also have the plugin installed, thus saving a lot of time.

The Agency plan is for agencies, web designers and marketers who have many clients with WordPress and want to scale and automate processes. This plan has a new price of 399 dollars per year.

There is also the Elementor Cloud Website that costs 99 USD per year, a complete solution that allows you to contract hosting and domain with them (includes all Elementor Pro features).

elementor pro pricing plans

Why do I pay the price of Elementor Pro? Is it worth it?

Although there are other WordPress page builders with a cheaper price, Elementor Pro is the best known and used, so it integrates very well with other tools and is constantly updated.

Personally, I really like the ease with which you can drag and drop elements, it’s very visual and allows you to create pages quickly.

Also, the responsive feature is very easy to use and overall the pages look professional.

Advice on buying Elementor Pro license shared with other users

Many pages offer the Elementor Pro page builder plugin for a much lower price than the official one.

What they do is buying the highest license (Agency) and reselling it to individual users at a cost at which they make a profit.

Is it safe to do this?

In my opinion, this is a good idea only when you trust the seller 100%, since they could unsubscribe you whenever they wanted and your website would depend on them.

(Be careful because you could also install a non-original license version, which would be risky for your website and WordPress.).

You can also do this when you have a test project with a single landing page and you want to spend as little as possible.

But for a real project like a web designer or my own, I would always opt for the original license.

In case you have colleagues or friends who also want to buy an Elementor Pro license, it is a great idea to share to have a lower cost.

There is no Elementor Pro lifetime price.

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