Canva pricing and plans 2024 How much is Canva Pro?

Canva is one of the best tools I’ve used. It has a free version and plans with different prices such as Canva Pro, its most popular paid option.

This web app is not only for marketers, but also for anyone who needs a beautiful and fast design at a good price or even for free.

From its start until now, I’ve seen Canva improve a lot, adjusting perfectly to the needs of the users.

However, many of its new features have a cost, but their prices are not very high and it is worth paying for all the advantages they offer, especially if you use the tool regularly.

Canva Pro price and other plans with their features

Can you pay for Canva? How much does it cost?

Canva has 3 plans: Free, Pro and for Teams.

Their prices vary depending on whether they charge you yearly or monthly.

Currently, the price of Canva Pro is $15 per month or $120 per year.

In this table you can see how much Canva costs per month or per year and what is included according to the plan you choose:

PlanCanva FreeCanva ProCanva for Teams (3 people)
Monthly pricing$0$15/month$30/month
Yearly pricing$0$120/year$300/year
Free stock photos, graphics, videos and audio1+ million4+ million4+ million
Free fonts1,000+1,000+ or upload your own 1,000+ or upload your own
Free templates, logos & 100+ design types (Social Media Posts, Presentations, Letters, Posters)8,000+60,000+60,000+
Create designs with custom dimensionsYesYesYes
Export designs as PDF, JPG, PNGYesYesYes
Export print ready designs / as CMYKNoYesYes
Built-in social sharing & presentation modeYesYesYes
Custom templatesNoYesYes
Save designs as templates (incl. template locking)NoYesYes
Premium Templates, Animations, Fonts, VideosNoYesYes
Media taggingNoYesYes
Background RemoverNoYesYes
Magic ResizeNoYesYes
More features in Content PlannerNoYesYes
More Design Insights (Social Media + Sites)NoYesYes
Link SharingYesYesYes
Team-only linksNoYesYes
Assign TasksYesYesYes
Approvals and Approval NotificationsNoYesYes
Suggested TeamsYesYesYes
Team ManagementNoYesYes
Basic Content PlannerYesYesYes
Basic Design InsightsYesYesYes
Workplace Tools such as Social Media, Print, etc.YesYesYes
Brand Controls and Brand templatesNoYesYes
Brand KitsNo100300
Brand Kit Maker/WizardNoYesYes
Element locking and approval workflowsNoYesYes
Cloud storage5 GB1 TB1 TB
Single Sign-On (SSO) integrationsNoYesYes
Pay as you grow billingNoNoYes
ISO 27001 certification and complianceYesYesYes
Support availability24×724×724×7 Priority

Why do I think paying for Canva Pro is worth it?

Canva Pro offers solutions that can save you a lot of time and not have to use Photoshop.

My favorite feature is Magic Resize, as it allows you to have your design in a much larger size without having to adjust all the elements again.

As a freelancer, this plan is enough for me, since it is made for only one person.

Is there a free Canva Pro?

The answer is yes, but with conditions:
  • If you mean being able to use the tool with its Pro plan for a limited time, you have already seen that there is a completely free 30-day trial. After that you will have to pay the price, but they are quite respectful and let you know so you can cancel if you are not interested.
  • If you are thinking of lifetime free Canva Pro, you will only get it by officially belonging to an academic entity.
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